Crash Club in soft launch

We’re excited to announce that players in Australia and New Zealand can now download the game for free on the App Store and Google Play! At this stage we’re looking for players to test the game, send feedback, share with their friends and generally try to break everything they can. This can only help us and won’t hurt our feelings, promise!


Join the Crash Club Beta

Welcome! You are here because you are interested in Crash Club. That means the world to us. As a sexy reward, why don’t you sign up to be one of the world’s first players?

It’s easy! Just fill out this quick form with your details, and we’ll contact you and soon as the game is available. You will need the TestFlight app, so feel free to get prepared by downloading that in advance. And by all means, tell your friends to sign up also.


Android players can register too – it might be a bit longer until we have the game ready to send out, but it will happen. Crash on!